1. Jessica Jane as KAA
    Abiku's creator and director, Jessica Jane produced, directed and acts in Mowgli. Professionally trained at Stella Adler in L.A., & South Africa; she worked in various plays/films across the UK, LA, Australia and South Africa. Recently she travelled to Australia to play a lead role in The Essence, an upcoming Horror/Thriller, as well as Bournemouth for Neil Simon's Come Blow Your Horn. Jessica also models, writes, and paints.
  2. Joanna Harker as AKELA
    Joanna Harker is a poet and performer originally from Scotland, where she trained in acting in Edinburgh. She has published several books of poetry including Songs of the River, has written and directed several plays including Father's Daughter and Improbable Family, and is currently completing her PhD in the form of a novel on the lives of Mary Shelley and Percy Shelley.
  3. Joe Newton
    JOE NEWTON adapted Mowgli from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, and composed all the music. He also directs, and acts as Bhageera. Joe hails from Epsom in Surrey, most famous for salt and horse racing. He likes salt, but is understandably suspicious of horses. With a degree in Music and an MA in Film Composition under his belt, Joe naturally decided to become an actor. From 2013 to 2016 he starred in Tap Tap Theatre's award winning comedies, Captain Morgan 1&2, as well the forthcoming independent, action/adventure feature film, DON'T. STOP. RUNNING.. Joe is also an award winning composer, with music recently featured on the BBC and Channel 5, so the degrees did come in useful after all. In what spare time he can find, Joe enjoys swimming, quizzing at the local pub and watching more films than you've had hot meals.
  4. Nnamdi Oli as MOWGLI
    Nnamdi Oli is a Nigerian born British actor. He is extensively trained having began his training at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts before being under the tutelage of Anna Scher, The Actors Temple and most recently the Ivana Chubbuck technique taught by one of her deciple's Patrick Regis. Nnamdi made he screen debut in the children's film Molly Moon. Nnamdi is also an accomplished model having done campaigns for famous brands like DHL and British Airways to name a few as well as being featured in many TV commercials for the likes of Nokia, Playstation, and Aldi.
  5. Paul Robinson as BALOO
    Paul has worked in education for many years, first as a teacher and then as an adviser. All through his time working in education he appeared on the amateur stage; in plays and musicals, having first got the acting bug when he was at school. So now, on the verge of retirement from education, Paul has turned to his other love, acting. He loves to make people laugh (he has appeared in many comedies, and pantomimes) but also loves the feeling you get in a dramatic role when the quality of silence in the theatre tells you that the audience is hanging on every word. Paul trained in acting at the City Lit and is excited and thrilled to be part of Abiku Theatre.
  6. Maximillian L'olive as TABAQUI
    Maximilian is a rising star on the Modelling and Professional acting scene. He Debuted on the stage in 2017 in a Sellout run of Shakespeare's Othello, touring London and the South East. Since then he has featured in several short films and also kept his love of theatre, performing Shakespearean and contemporary plays alike. Maximilian is a mix of Mauritian, English and Irish, raised in the London Suburbs. In his spare time he enjoys painting, reading and dancing.
  7. Emily-Alice Sesto as GREY
    Emily was a student at Centre Stage School of Performing Arts while growing up and never kicked the acting habit. Previous stage work includes Incidental Music at Her Majesty’s Theatre and, most recently, she performed as Ffion in a production of Tits and Teeth for the National Youth Theatre’s 50 year anniversary. She has starred in numerous independent short films including Parallel, written by Luke Harding, and Swipr, directed and produced by Burnt Cinema. She is currently represented by CallBack Management.